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Dental Cleanings in Enfield

A periodontal cleaning can be considered a deeper type of dental cleaning. It’s also referred to as a deep cleaning or scaling and root planing. But at its core, it means getting down to the roots, where bacteria is causing a serious threat to your gum health, and by extension your teeth. Here at Family Dental Center of Connecticut, we recommend a dental cleaning twice per year, for its own benefits and to make the need for a periodontal cleaning less likely.

Our Enfield best dentist is your partner in promoting and maintaining your oral wellness. Your responsibilities include eating nutritiously, limiting your intake of sugars and starches, brushing your teeth at least twice daily, flossing at bedtime, and coming in every six months for a complete oral exam that includes a dental cleaning. There are two goals of a dental cleaning. The first is to remove tartar buildup and residual plaque. Most of the plaque on your teeth and between your gums and teeth is eliminated by brushing and flossing. But whatever remains hardens, becoming tartar. In that form, it’s not possible to address it properly on your own. The second goal is to reverse the signs of early stage gum disease, gingivitis. Those signs are irritation and redness. You’ll recognize them as being far less alarming than the ones that are associated with later stage gum disease, periodontitis. Among those are receding gums, consistently bad breath, and bleeding occurring when you brush your teeth. If you are experiencing one or more of those indications, you will need our Enfield best dentist to perform a periodontal cleaning.

Both types of cleaning are concerned with meeting bacterial consequences head on, but its not only easier to get a dental cleaning, but you will have a higher degree of overall gum and tooth health by having one. So contact our office and set up an appointment to see our Enfield best dentist.

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