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Toothaches in Enfield

Enfield Emergency Dentist
Enfield Emergency Dentist

Any toothache, whether the pain is mild, moderate, or severe, should be treated as an urgent matter. That is exactly what we do here at Family Dental Center of Connecticut. You can depend on prompt diagnosis and treatment.

Typically, a toothache develops because your inner tooth has become exposed. The natural protective layers have been breached. And inside is where the nerve is. It is sensitive to outside stimulation. The way that our Enfield emergency dentist approaches your toothaches will depend on what is causing it. For example, if it is due to a cavity or an existing filling becoming loose and/or falling out, a new filling will be prepared for the tooth. If your tooth has become cracked or chipped, however, the solution is to fashion a crown that will augment the tooth and restore a barrier to shield it from damage or contamination. The dental lab has to make your permanent crown, though a temporary one will be fitted by our Enfield emergency dentist right away so that your tooth will not be susceptible to problems in the meantime. One of the reasons why it is vital that you come in promptly to have a toothache taken care of is that the exposure of your tooth’s nerve also makes infection more likely. And if the pulp, which is next to the nerve, sustains harm from bacteria, you will likely find that the pain increases significantly. Root canal therapy is required to repair the damage, which is possible about 90% of the time. If not, you will lose the tooth to an extraction. Both procedures are done here with gentle care and expert precision, so you can feel confident that you will remain comfortable throughout.

Don’t wait when you have a toothache. Contact our office to get a quick appointment with our Enfield emergency dentist.

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